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Follow Simple Steps to Restore Deleted Files on your Storage Device

Few days ago, the storing capacity of storage devices as well as their sizes, reliability or other things were different. But in the current era, plenty of storage devices with large storing capacity, small – large sizes and most important reliable devices are available. Some common storage devices are flash drive, memory card, internal and external hard drive, CF card etc. You can store any type of data either images,… Read Article →

Know an Easy Way to Recover AMR Audio Files in Reliable Way

AMR stands for Adaptive Multi Rate. It is audio file format which is developed by Ericsson. This audio format is used for voice and sound recording that is created for mobile phones. It is compatible on VLC, Quick Time, Real player and many other media players on both Windows and Mac. AMR file format can be converted into various file formats such as WAV, AIF, MP3, MP4, etc using reliable… Read Article →

Software to Perform Deleted or Lost File Recovery

Today data loss is a common problem among the PCs/laptop users. They are suffer much due to the missing of important files like images, videos, audios, documents, etc from their PCs/laptop. So many people think that deleted or lost files from various storage devices are not possible to restore. But the good thing is that deleted or lost files will still remain in the storage device itself, until you overwrite… Read Article →

Undelete Erased Files after Accidentally Formatting Your Drive

Most of us are likely keep a large amount of files on hard drive of our computer. Among that, some files may be very essential for us while some not so relevant. Just imagine, there is a situation in which you accidentally format a partition of your drive without even a proper backup. What will you do in such a situation? If the partition contains some important files, the next… Read Article →

Attractive Way to Know File Recovery on Mac

Most of the time it has been noticed that human errors on computer will create problems for computer users, consider if you are using Mac system then you will find the situations like file deletion due to which you come in troubles. So if you are also facing such kind of problems then no need to worry now because here you will find the solution for you problem. Yes, if… Read Article →

Repair Encrypted Word File in Easy Way

MS Word is one of the most popularly used Word processing application which is mainly used to create and edit Word document. It has many strong features by making use of such features you can easily create Word files, edit created Word files, create reports, letters and many others. Sometimes in Word document, a user wishes to keep confidential data. In such case they may go for some encrypted techniques…. Read Article →

To Understand How to Fix Corrupted File

The Word files are using to create reports and writing contents, Microsoft has introduced this Word application. Today most of the organizations and individuals are dependent on MS Word application, Word file have been saved by using the doc and docx extension. However, because of many common reasons your word file may got corrupt once the document got corrupted then it will not possible to access document. If this kind… Read Article →

Massively Used File and Folder Recovery Software

When a couple of precious image, favorite movies, essential Microsoft Office files / folders are deleted by just clicking on the Delete Key of your keyboard then it can be restored from the Recycle Bin at any moment as all the deleted folders and files are saved in it by default. But, if the scenario is like you have accidentally or unknowingly deleted any of the vital file and folder… Read Article →

Advisable Tool to Recover HTC Media Files

High Tech Corporation commonly called by its nick name HTC is popular as a worldwide manufacturer of multimedia devices. HTC has long list of products that are manufactured by it. Some of its most popular items are listed here. HTC Windows Phone 8X HTC Windows Phone 8S HTC 7 Trophy HTC Radar A62XX HTC Hero A3333HTC Wildfire These are some of the Windows series and Android products of HTC which… Read Article →

Easy Way for file Recoup over HDD

Any fie which is saved on hard disk drive has its purpose so, if any ho such file gets missing then it pursue consumers in remorseful state of mind setup. However if user not lose their cool, then they can revamp each of the missing files within few minutes, because no deleted file is permanently wiped out from hard disk. Whenever any file is deleted only its detail is erased… Read Article →