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Best Software to Recover Files from Hard Disk after Formatting

Do you need to acquire back data from the formatted hard drive? Formatting of hard drive sometimes becomes very important if your hard drive has meshed up with severe virus infections, reinstalling of the operating system, installation of multiple operating systems, etc. There are numerous risks associated with this if you don’t possess a proper backup. Generally, when individuals carry out the formatting of the hard disk, they will take… Read Article →

Undelete Erased Files after Accidentally Formatting Your Drive

Most of us are likely keep a large amount of files on hard drive of our computer. Among that, some files may be very essential for us while some not so relevant. Just imagine, there is a situation in which you accidentally format a partition of your drive without even a proper backup. What will you do in such a situation? If the partition contains some important files, the next… Read Article →

How to recover data from formatted partition?

A hard drive is a basic digital storage device that can store data on you computer or laptop. Formatting is the process of making the hard disk drive ready for its use by an operating system i.e. Windows or Mac, generally including the formation of a file system. To create multiple file systems on the same hard drive you may divide the disk into various sections called as partitions. Some… Read Article →