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Recover Data from Lost Partition on Windows 10

  Hi, I had 3 partitions on my windows 10 and today morning when I turned on my computer I was unable to find one of my drives .I do not know how to recover data from lost Windows 10 partition ? Can anyone tell me if Windows 10 lost partition data recovery is possible or not? Distraught? Don’t worry there’s an impeccable solution to recovery of partition data. The Recover… Read Article →

Here’s The Way to Recover Lost or Deleted Partitions on Mac

Partitions on Mac hard drive is made for easy storage of data as per the user requirement. You can divide available hard drive space into several partitions where you can store various types of data like pictures, videos, music files, text document and various other important data such as document files, spreadsheets and so on. You can even install multiple operating systems on different partitions on your Mac hard drive…. Read Article →

Know How Recovering Partitions Data Can Be Performed Easily

Hard drive a storage device which houses hard plate, where each of your documents and envelopes are located. The information on hard drive is durable as a hard drive preserves data even after computer off. These hard drives can be divided into various storage units known as partitions. One of the main reason for creating partitions on hard drive is to have separate space between OS and program files, to… Read Article →

Best Way to Retrieve Deleted or Lost Files from Partitions

Partition is a division of secondary storage device such as hard disk drive by creating multiple partitions which are the logical containers used to organize file systems, and operating systems, applications are installed on it. Partition can be created, resized, deleted, and manipulated with the help of partition editor software on computer hard disk drives (HDD). You can utilize different partition to store files therefore you can separate the files… Read Article →

Approach to Recover NTFS Hard Drive Data

Do you want to retrieve files lost or deleted NTFS partition??? The deleted or lost files are very much important. If the answer is yes, here is the perfect solution for your data loss problem from NTFS hard disk i.e. NTFS recovery software. This recovery tool uses inbuilt scanning engine which helps the user to scan the entire NTFS partition to recognize the file type and retrieve the files according… Read Article →

Hard Drive Partition Recovery

In regards to the problem of losing data from the hard disk partition it is most of the user have faced the situation. Hard drives are used for storing the huge range of data. So, when the user faces the problem of losing the disk partition, then the situation is the most horrible for its user. So what should do when its user faces the data loss situation or loss… Read Article →

Retrieve partition after re-installing Windows XP

Have you ever accidentally formatted your hard disk to re-install Microsoft windows? Hard drive is a storage device that is permanent memory location of the computer. It could be divided into numerous partitions. Each logical drive can contain huge amount of data like documents, photos, music, video clips etc. Sometimes you need to format the partition to re-install the windows operating system. The process of formatting makes your hard disk… Read Article →

Ways to recover data from Mac OS using Mac recovery software

Mac OS X is a sequence of UNIX based operating system developed and marketed by Apple Inc. The different types of Mac OS available are Mac Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion. Once if you have emptied files from trash, it can be recovered only with the help of Mac recovery software. Remo Recover (Mac) – Pro Edition is the effective Mac recovery tool, which allows… Read Article →