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Can the information be recoverable in an easier way?

Computer stores valuable information which is been used in day to day. Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly we delete those data and later realize we are needed of it. Before recover deleted files, what happens to the data which is been deleted from the hard drive. When a file is been deleted by selecting the delete option from the right click menu option, the file directly gets pushed up into the… Read Article →

Recover raw camera files on Apple computers

What do you look for in a digital photo recovery tool? One of the most important features is the ability to recognize and recover camera RAW files. While many universal data recovery programs can recognize common picture file types such as jpegs, that ability is extremely limited in use when attempting to recover deleted files from a camera memory card. These files are usually stored in a proprietary camera manufacturer’s… Read Article →

What you can do when Outlook begins to act up

If you’ve ever noticed that suddenly half of your Microsoft Outlook messages are not arriving there can be many reasons for this. All of these reasons will revolve around one area. That is your Microsoft Outlook PST file. The PST file is a kind of database that all of your messages and other Microsoft Outlook information are written to. The file has the ability to sort this information in the… Read Article →

How to bring back formatted partition information

Usually one can recover data from formatted drive partitions by using a basic file recovery tool. However several factors may influence your degree of success in this pursuit. Data recovery after reformatting of any data storage drive will depend on whether or not you have double deleted items on that drive. By double deleted we mean you may have deleted files prior to reformatting. Or you may have formatted a… Read Article →

Recovery of uncompacted Microsoft Outlook data

Microsoft Outlook uses the compacting feature to restructure the PST file database. In theory this is a simple way of creating new room for incoming messages and other customizations. But compacting one’s Microsoft inbox folder or the sent items folder results in those items being permanently erased. So perhaps a better option is to migrate one’s Outlook PST information to online or external storage? Another option which is even simpler… Read Article →

Getting back files from recently erased partitions

Today’s computers divide digital storage into special compartments known as partitions. A partition may be anywhere from just a few megabytes in size to 500 GB. One purpose of dividing hard disk drives into partitions is to allow for safe storage of special files keeping them quarantined from viruses. Another reason we use a partition system is so that we can run what is known as a dual boot operation…. Read Article →

Using file sorting features of recovery software

There are two ways to recover files from emptied recycle bin storage. The first which is more difficult is to use a basic data recovery tool and after that tool scans through your computer’s entire hard drive scroll down the list of recoverable files looking for folders marked recycler. These folders hold the files that were previously in the recycle bin and deleted when it was emptied. A far simpler… Read Article →

Rescuing unconverted raw format images

The first thing you must be aware of when attempting photo recovery is that digital photo images are stored in many different formats. The most common of these are JPEG and JPG files. In fact these file types have been in existence for almost 40 years. Almost every data recovery program is capable of recognizing a JPEG file and reconstructing it. However as with any file recovery dilemma one must… Read Article →

Solving the problem of Outlook inbox overflow

Supposing you had a sheet full of cookies and wanted to store them in a container. If the container you had was too small to hold all of the cookies would you simply load it as best you could and throw away the rest of the cookies? Of course not, yet many programs for recovery of Microsoft Outlook messages do exactly this. Lower quality Microsoft Outlook recovery tools repair Outlook… Read Article →

The non-compatability of Windows recovery software with Macs

Mac computers can differ so greatly from Windows PCs that in some instances they actually use differently designed microprocessors. This guarantees that important applications such as data recovery programs using Windows will in no way ever work on a Mac. One aspect of computing that is shared equally with both Mac and Windows based computers is the steps that must be taken when dealing with a crashed hard drive. Both… Read Article →