How to recover Trash data on Mac OS

Trash in Mac OS is a folder or a storage space in which every one of the deleted files is going to be stored. It behaves as a temporary storage area for your deleted files on Mac. You cannot allocate the size of the Trash manually; it is automatically created by Mac OS X whenever you delete a file. It may even occupy the complete hard disk drive space. If the files deleted were important and required in further, you’ll be able to go to Trash and recover the files by just doing right click Trash and choose “Restore Files” option. You may also delete files from this Trash either by using command + delete or by right-clicking on the trash and selecting “Empty Trash” option. Just in case you delete the files from this Trash you’ll lose the files from the system and will not be able to recover them again. Deleted your important files from your Mac Trash? Then don’t worry, read on this informative article, you will find a solution for this…

Usually we clear the Trash folder regularly to retain the maximum amount of storage capacity of Trash to help make room for newly deleted items. While achieving this be cautious and check the items in the trash before emptying the trash the reason being, sometimes you will find chances in which you have deleted the files mistakenly and then regret. Hence, in the event you delete even from Trash, you will lose the files. Now, you have lost your important files, they cannot even be restored manually. Thus you will end up worried on how to restore Trash on Mac? But don’t worry they could be recovered using a third party software. Yes, it is possible to restore them back. Whenever you click on “Empty Trash” option on Mac OS x based computer, the files will not be completely erased permanently, however, the pointer used to access these files will be deleted and the files will be on hard disk drive but will be tagged as deleted and will be inaccessible. The tool scans the complete drive to find the tags and restores them. The best software that may recover your entire Trash Mac is Mac Trash Recovery Software.

Many reasons exist for this, a number of them are:

  • Emptying the Trash without checking the contents
  • Unintentional deletion of files by pressing command + delete button or by selecting the wrong file for deletion.
  • The virus infects your system files once you connect a tool which can be occupied effortlessly harmful virus and damages the file that causes its deletion
  • Doing “Automatic Clear Setting” on these Trash after which deletes the important files from the system also results in loss of data, because the OS clears the Trash automatically

No matter whatever could be the cause of this loss, it effortlessly recovers the Mac Trash with no precision loss. It can also restore items trash Mac Lion, Mac Snow Leopard, Mac Leopard, Mac Tiger and other popular versions of Mac. This utility is also capable of restoring the files lost from any storage device like iPod  USB drives, memory cards, SD cards, external hard drives and much more. Not just deleted files, this program even restores Mac files lost in almost any situation. In order to reinstate your deleted files from Mac Lion, then just go here and get the tool. Then follow these few steps:

  • Install the tool on your Mac OS and launch the tool
  • Select the “Recover Files” option as well as in the next dialog opt “Recover Deleted Files” option
  • Now, find the drive and press “Next” to initiate the scanning process
  • After the completion, just view the recovered files either by “Data View” or “File Type View”
  • Then view each file and choose the required files for recovery using “Preview” option then save the files.