How to restore deleted data from hard drive

The hard drive is the main part of your computer where you can store various files such as text file, photos, video files, music etc. But sometimes it will force you to format the hard disk. You need to format it due to various reasons such as when it is corrupted, you want to wipe all files from it or you are not able to remove the virus from it. When you format it, all files from it will be deleted within few minutes. So, whenever you want to format it, it is suggested that you have to take backup of important files from it.

However, there are some reasons where you may not be able to have the backup before formatting a hard drive. Under these situations, you will lose all important files after formatting the hard disk. But still the files are present on a formatted drive but you cannot access them. Still, there is no need to worry how to restore deleted data as you can recover them until the formatted disk is overwritten by new files. To recover these formatted files, you need to make use of some reliable third-party tools like hard disk recovery software. With the help of this tool, you can access files from the formatted hard drive.

The most common reason, which will force you to format your hard disk, is when it is corrupted. You cannot access files from the hard disk. If you attempt to access files from the corrupted disk, it will throw an error message like “your disk is corrupted, you need to format it”. Then you don’t have any other way other than formatting this disk. After getting this error message, once you have clicked on “Ok” button, within a couple of seconds all files from that hard disk will disappear.  Then the data which you have lost in this scenario can be recovered using formatted disk recovery software.

The data loss after formatting a disk is also applied to the removable drives such as external hard drive. The main reasons where the external hard drive will get corrupt are like improper ejection of it from the computer, disturbance during file transfer, power failure, turning off the computer without closing the files which are opened from an external drive, etc. When you connect your external hard drive to your computer, to access files from it then you can get error dialogue box as it is asking you to format. Then in order to bring your external drive to a working state, you should format it but after formatting, no files will be available in it. Then you may think on how to recover files from a formatted external hard drive, however, it is not a big deal. One can easily recover deleted music, photos, video files, text file, etc. using data recovery tool like hard drive recovery software.

So, whenever you are under trouble because of loss of important files due to accidental formatting of hard drive, just go through Google and get one good data recovery tool and then start to recover all formatted files. Here you should be very careful while choosing recovery tool because making use of inappropriate recovery tool can result in permanent data loss.

The one good third party tool which is available for file recovery is hard disk recovery software. Using this software, one can easily recover all types of files from the formatted or re-formatted drives. It is designed in such a way that it has a capacity to recover formatted files from any type of storage device such as external hard drive, flash memory cards, Pen drive, FireWire drives, etc. It also performs well to recover data from formatted partition, even after re-installing Windows operating system.  It is developed with inbuilt recovery modules in order to support to recover files from both FAT and NTFS partitions. One can also get its trial version to evaluate file recovery from the formatted hard drive.