Recover formatted Memory Card

The topic of memory cards is a very wide one since it covers different types of memory cards that are used in a variety of gadgets right from mobile phones and mp3 players to digital cameras and gaming consoles. These memory cards are customized for the gadgets in which they are utilized since the same memory card cannot be used in all the devices. For example, a gadget that requires a mini SD card for data storage cannot make use of a micro SD card or a CF card for storing data. There is also a limit up to which some devices support a memory card of a certain capacity. For example, a mobile phone that supports up to 8GB of data storage cannot use a 16GB memory card.

Though memory cards do have some limitations, the number of advantages is certainly more than the number of disadvantages. However, there are still some drawbacks that are associated with this device. One of the major disadvantages of the memory card is related to its formatting. Formatting is an option that lets the user delete everything on the memory card thereby making the memory card free of all data. However, if the user accidentally formats the memory card, it would be mandatory that he uses a memory card recovery software to recover formatted memory card.

In case, the user wants to delete all the files on his memory card, he can also make use of a file eraser software, to permanently delete all the files. Memory Card Recovery Tool lets the user recover formatted memory card with ease.