Tips to Restore Corrupted Memory Card

Many of you have used the SD memory card in your camera to store the captured images.  If you capture the images when your camera battery is in low condition then your SD memory card may get corrupt. In such kind of situation, you may lose all stored images and videos from your camera. Then how to restore corrupted memory cardto restore your lost data from your memory card you have to use the memory card recovery software. The software will help you to recover corrupted micro SD card, mini SD card, SDXC, SDHC etc. You can restore all lost or deleted data from memory card with the help of this software.

How your SD card gets corrupt? 

There are lots of reasons due to which your data get deleted or your memory card gets corrupt.Some of those reasons are like,

Due to virus affect: if you connect your memory card to the virus infected device then your memory card also gets affected by a virus and because of which your memory card gets corrupt.

Due to file system Corruption: Each memory card contains file system to store data. Due to virus infection, or abrupt removal of memory card you may lose all stored data.

Due to use of the same memory card in multiple devices: Many of you uses the same memory card in multiple devices. Because of this use of the same memory card in multiple devices, it may lead to corruption of memory card.

These are some scenarios due to which you may lose your stored data from your memory card. There is the only one way to recover data from SD card is to use Memory card recovery software. But before that, you need to know the precautions which will help you to avoid such kind of data loss. Some of those precautionary measures are like,

  • Don’t remove the memory card abruptly.
  • Don’t connect memory to the virus infected device.
  • Always keep a backup of your memory card data.
  • Don’t capture images when your camera or mobile phone is in low battery condition.

The memory card recovery software helps you to recover all lost or deleted photos, audio files, video files etc. from your corrupted memory card. This software is able to recognize the 300 types of formatted files. The software helps to recover the corrupted SD card along with this you can recover lost data from memory stick, MultiMedia card(MMC), FireWire drives, iPod, USB drives etc. If your memory card file system gets corrupt then also this software is able to restore data from this memory card. The software is available online in a free demo version. You can download this software and you can preview your recovery results. Anyone can use this software without any technical knowledge, you can access this software with the help of online user manual. This software is very reliable and trustworthy to recover your data because it does not modify your original data.